All of the top WordPress tech blog themes are pretty adaptable. You’ll get access to the full page builder plugins, which you can use to modify the pre-made templates, as well as the theme options and controls, which let you alter many other aspects of the appearance of your website. This blog presents you with the updated list of Best Technology WordPress Themes. This collection has a tonne of excellent themes that will aid you in starting a tech blog. Additionally, if you want to give your IT firm a more professional appearance, browse our collection of the top WordPress themes for IT companies.


Networker is a WordPress theme for tech news with various blogging and magazine layouts.

zThe landing pages for each of the Networker demos are nice. You also have access to an extensive template library. Your website has several themes for every post as well as a vast selection of designs for the archive websites that show lists of the most recent entries. Your tech blog might have a dynamic appearance that never grows monotonous by employing distinct archive templates for the multiple categories on your site.

A few more capabilities provided by Networker might help your website seem more enticing to visitors. One such instance is the ability to display highlighted videos in place of photos for postings. To make your website even more eye-catching, you may put videos as the backdrop of the pages instead of photographs. Image galleries, carousels, and sliders are simple to add to your content since Networker provides a collection of features.


Zeen comes in 2nd spot of  Best Technology WordPress Themes. It’s an up-to-date WordPress theme for a tech magazine.

Two Zeen demonstrations available for tech blogs may be found among the Zeen demos. A few more that could be useful for tech ventures include one for gaming websites and a few others. A variety of templates and layouts are included in the Zeen demonstrations. You have access to several article page templates in addition to a collection of attractive homepage themes. For building an email newsletter, this theme has a lot of functions. To encourage users to subscribe to your list, include elements like in-content sign-up forms and pop-up forms on your website.

Zeen is an excellent option for anyone who wishes to commercialize their tech website by display ads as it is also ad-compatible. If you pick Zeen, you won’t want any more tools to start making money from your blog because of the numerous ad positions. The capability to display advertising on category and tag archive sections, and mobile-friendly ad displays.


You may select from 14 distinct blog post styles with InHype every time you write new content on your tech blog. Additionally, you receive a variety of archive layouts that enable you to show your information appropriately. To further customize your blog and offer it an intriguing overall style, you can also allocate the various designs to particular archive pages. A good focus is placed on publishing reviews by InHype. You have a choice between two alternative review templates if you wish to evaluate the most current technology services and goods on your site.

Additional components included in these review templates include pros and drawbacks lists, ranking charts, and an aggregate scoring system. The optional “buy now” button can also be used to link to an online store in which the product under review can be purchased. The theme also offers complete eCommerce support. That enables you to include both real goods like gadgets and digital downloads like applications on your website.


With more than 40 blog example layouts, Ceris raises the bar.

As Ceris comes with several widgets, you can add these dynamic elements to the navigation bar in addition to other widget-ready areas of your tech blog. These modules include a recommended articles carousel that enables site users to browse through a compilation of your articles, one that displays the most popular blog posts, and another that gives links to your site’s many category pages.

Through the theme settings panel, it’s basic to modify the font combos in use, tweak the spacing, and pick new colors. This theme includes a built-in page builder also, providing you with a method to change all of the layouts


This one comes in 5th spot in our list of  Best Technology WordPress Themes

A Popular WordPress news theme Newspaper comes with a demo for a tech news site that was specifically designed for it. Aside from the tech news website example, there are over 40 more options to choose from. If you continue with the tech news demo, you will not be disappointed. The homepage layout aims to display as many of your most recent articles as possible. Different widgets and layouts work together to provide an intriguing and varied look for this key section of your website. 

Each demo also provides a variety of templates for the various types of material you would want to post on your tech blog. You can view the increasing list of designs from within your WordPress dashboard. Afterward, you can pick and download the ones you wish to use on your site. Thanks to the connection with the tagDiv Cloud Library.

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This collection’s themes are all perfect for using WordPress to create tech blogs. They all have at least one pre-built website demonstration designed specifically for this purpose. For more information, visit our website: