Why Should We Use Child Themes?

Best Way To Create A Child Theme

WordPress is a one-stop solution for everyone looking to create a website. Many websites on the internet today are powered by WordPress. It has become one of the simplest and

What are WordPress Themes

About WordPress Themes

If you have just installed WordPress and are a new user, you might be curious about various things like how it works. What are the different WordPress themes? And many

What is the difference between free and paid WordPress themes

Know The Difference Between Free and Paid WordPress Themes

There are various choices available for WordPress themes, which creates a big confusion in the mind of a blogger whether to choose a paid theme or a free one. Paid

What is the Difference between Custom Themes and Normal Themes

What is the Difference between Custom Themes and Normal Themes?

There is a wide variety of themes available at WordPress. All the themes are designed to cater to the diverse needs of the users. When it comes to creating a

What Is The Difference Between Installing And Activating A Theme

Variance Between Installing And Activating A Theme

WordPress themes are a way of presenting your content to the viewers. WordPress describes it as the “skin” of the website. However, the function of the Theme is much more

All About WordPress Multisite

A notable point of it is that it works best when only a limited number of themes are in use. Whereas, if members of the network upload their own custom

Child Theme

WordPress Child Themes

Themes are one of WordPress’s main selling features, as various options are available when creating or choosing a theme. But they do have certain drawbacks. Even the most well-liked themes

What are the essential features you look for a theme?

Essential Features In A Theme

Nowadays, creating a responsive yet alluring website is very important to decrease the bounce rate and grow your business. Thanks to WordPress , which provides numerous essential features while designing

Why you should use WordPress?

Why You Should Use WordPress?

WordPress is Free. This open-source software is free to use. It means it can be downloaded, installed, used, and modified as per your requirements.