WordPress is the most commonly used system for building and hosting websites. It allows you to have access to plugin architecture and a variety of templates, that further lets you customize your website according to your business, blog, or portfolio needs. There is a large probability that if you use WordPress, you might be operating more than one site. A more efficient way of running similar sites is WordPress Multisite. WordPress Multisite is a new version of WordPress that has the option of managing more than one site. 

Everything You Need To Know About WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite features a single WordPress Dashboard from which the users can have access to multiple sites. You can run many sites and manage various factors like the number of sites, themes, user roles, and many more by using this multisite feature. You would not have to be on different dashboards to have access to different sites. With a single dashboard, you can access your diverse sites, and manage them.

WordPress Multisite has proved to be immensely useful for the creators who run different sites. It is most suited for those who want to create a network of sites having similar functionality. Mostly, similar functionality is added by the way of plugins, specific server configurations, or custom applications. One of the most renowned examples of Multisite installation is WordPress.com. Currently, it runs millions of sites. 

A notable point of it is that it works best when only a limited number of themes are used. Whereas, if members of the network upload their own custom themes, it will not render great results. So, it is not ideal for you, if your network has high variation in the WordPress sites.

The variation could be in terms of anything including plugins, themes, and customization. WordPress multisite became famous at a time when there were not many reliable options for multiple sites management. 

The emergence of Multisite started due to the need of owners to manage many blog sites and websites in one place. It eliminates a lot of inconveniences and also helps in saving time as only a single network is used in it. During the release of WordPress 3.0, the project was added to the WordPress Core.

This implies that no matter what version of WordPress you use, you can convert it into a multisite installation. And if you are new to WordPress, you can easily avail yourself of the advantage of running multiple sites conveniently.  All you have to do is, add a few code lines to some WordPress installation files. You can add new sites, which will stay at the top. 

Advantages of WordPress Multisite

Whether you are a web developer or a digital content marketer, WordPress Multisite can bring about a lot of changes in the working and management of your sites. Here are some of the advantages of this powerful tool:

Efficient Code

With the help of multisite, you can run multiple sites on one network, which means less code. All the sites will have the same WordPress core files, same theme, and plugin.

Owing to this, the network occupies less server space as compared to running sites with separate installations. Not just this, it will also help you save your money spent on hosting and keeping the code up to date. 

Efficient Development 

The Multisite tool helps you in saving a theme for your sites and using it in your own way for the number of sites you are running. It has an important role in saving time as you can download the framework theme, customize it, and activate different child themes for individual sites.

This feature is highly useful if the design of your sites has many factors in common. For example, for creating a diverse division of a business or a company website. Along with reducing the extra efforts for storing and updating the themes, the multisite tool helps you show your content from any site in the network. All in all, you can create something better than an individual site collection.

Efficient Management

Undeniably, managing a network of individual sites is more convenient than managing multiple sites. WordPress Multisite eases this management as you will have to update the theme and plugins only one time, and not for every individual site in the network.


WordPress Multisite is a highly affordable tool that helps you operate hundreds of sites through one hosting account. You can purchase a single master theme and share it with other sub-sites. It will save you time, money, and effort. 

Streamlined Updates

Another great advantage of WordPress Multisite is that all the updates of WordPress are streamlined. You would not have to worry about installing the updates for all the subsites, in fact, your network of sites will be updated by WordPress in a timely manner.

All these advantages make WordPress Multisite a great choice. Be it any personal site, hosting client site, business site, or intranets, Multisite can be immensely useful. Get amazing offers on Best Selling WordPress Themes from Themeholt. Click Here