There are various choices available for WordPress themes, which creates a big confusion in the mind of a blogger whether to choose a paid theme or a free one. Paid themes catch our attention with their premium features, whereas the free ones are always the convenient option to start with. To avoid this chaos, we need to know the pros & cons of both paid & free themes available in WordPress. In this blog, we will deeply discuss the difference between the two so that you can make a wise decision while choosing the theme.  

Free themes attract many users due to no cost spent on them, but here’s a catch: free themes are limited with the features as compared to paid themes. If you are paying for a paid theme, you can expect better quality & advanced features built into it.

Let’s do a detailed analysis & comparison between both of them. 

Cons Of Free WordPress Themes

  • Less Customization: Often, fewer customization options are available in free themes. Bloggers need to have coding knowledge to make customizations. While in comparison to paid themes, paid themes are full of advanced features, which leads to easy customization. 
  • Fewer Updates: Usually, there are few updates or no updates in free themes, which raises questions about the advanced development of the website concerning new coming features & enhancements in the paid themes.
  • Common: Free themes are very common among users due to no cost involved, as they are easily accessible by the new bloggers & developers. Conclusion: there should be uniqueness in a website that will make it different & better from its competitors.  
  • Limited Support: Due to its free availability, limited support is provided from the customer-support side, whereas there is no such problem with the premium themes available in the market.  
Free and Premium WordPress Themes For Your Blog
  • More Features: Premium themes provide more features at a reasonable & justified price. They are up-to-date with the latest versions of WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP. 
  • Compatibility & Responsiveness: These themes are compatible across different browsers & are also responsive across different devices, leading to a better user experience. 
  • Unique: Premium themes are unique as these are not easily accessible by everyone due to the cost involved. Moreover, we can easily customize these themes & stand out differently from our competitors.
  • Magnificent Support: Premium theme shops provide excellent support from their side for making their user feel fully satisfied & accomplished. They try to solve each & every query of their user.
  • Too Many Features: Due to huge competition among premium theme shops, they regularly add new features. They also add many unnecessary features that are not required at all or do not come in use.
  • Slow Loading Speed: The website gets slow with too many added features that are not in use at all, which impacts the technical SEO part.
  • High Cost: Some themes are very expensive compared to their features. 

Beginners rush towards free things, whereas it is not right at all. Don’t run behind free things; rather, invest some amount if you are serious & committed to your work. We have deeply discussed the difference between free & premium themes in this blog. Here are some key differences between free & paid themes:-

  1. Premium themes have more features & also provide more customization options.
  2. Premium theme shops provide excellent customer support.
  3. Free themes are really common & easily accessible as no cost is involved.
  4. All the free themes available in WordPress go through a strict review process by professional & expert developers. 

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