Creating an SEO-friendly website becomes easy with the modern CMS(Content Management System) called WordPress. These days WordPress is gaining popularity and, of course, for a good cause. In fact, the maximum CMS users choose it as the platform for creating websites, making it a popular website platform.

Are you wondering about “why you should use WordPress?” If yes, then this is the right place. Having this question in your mind means you have at least some idea about WordPress. But that does not justify that you have checked for the features or some other benefits in detail. I’ll tell you some point by point benefits of WordPress which will help you to get a clear understanding of why you should use WordPress theme and why it is a famous website building platform and CMS. 

Benefits of using WordPress

Being open-source software, WordPress is very easy to use. The user base is not limited by premium customer support, skill level, or even pricing. There are various things to know about WordPress. It features an easy-to-use dashboard containing various listed options in the sidebar. But the person who could use the dashboard for around ten minutes can easily understand the working of the interface. You can customize the website designs, create pages and posts, add a navigation menu, and many more. 

Since access to this software is not very difficult, many users have also made forums, seminars, online courses, blogs, books, and webinars using this platform. Utilizing this software, you get access to the multiple features that help to make the creation of a website easier. 

This platform makes it easy for beginners to manage their websites with no technical issues. WordPress has excellent official customer support. Plus, there are various resources available on the internet to learn about WordPress, and your questions can be answered instantly.

This open-source software is free to use. It means you can download, install, use, and modify it as per your requirements. Also, WordPress is used for any type of project, be it commercial, personal, or otherwise. However, WordPress itself is free. Still, you need a web hosting and domain name to install it. The domain name will be the identity of your website on the internet. This means this is what the users will type in the browser to visit your website. Web hosting is a kind of website house where all the files of your website are stored. All the expenses are based on your website scale and experience. 

WordPress Is Secure and Safe

WordPress is a platform that is developed keeping security in mind. Hence, it is a secure and safe software to run your website. Due to its safety measures, it is loved by the users as it consistently retains trust of the users. The staff of WordPress upgrades the CMS constantly along with some essential plugins or features that are incorporated with it. So, users can easily download the plugins using caution from trusted sources while logged in to WordPress. 

However, you can do more to protect your website against malware, hackers, and other dangers. Also, as a recommendation, you can download and install their WordPress security plugin to ensure the security of your website. It will provide protection against malware attacks and threats.

A website is successful only if it gets potential visitors or traffic. Fortunately, It is a platform that comes with built-in SEO. WordPress is developed using premium code along with semantic markup. The best thing is that it automatically produces the meta descriptions and tags for all your pages and posts of your website. This allows search engines to be aware of the content. As a result, it will index your website and potentially rank it. This is the reason that WordPress sites rank higher in comparison to others on search engines. For further website optimization, you can also use an SEO tool or WordPress SEO plugin. 

Supports All Media Types

WordPress is a platform that supports media of all formats. It means you can upload videos, images, gifs, or other media files on the WordPress website. Not only this, you can drag and drop videos, and images on the text editor screen. Once you finish uploading, the media will be displayed gracefully on your posts and pages. 

Furthermore, it lets you download and display PDFs, documents, or any other file. You can even expand the file upload size if you have a file of large size.

One of the biggest misconception is that WordPress is only for blogging. Although it is correct that WordPress features an amazing blogging tool, this is just a small part of its work. WordPress is capable of functioning as an e-commerce website, static website, imageboard, corporate website, or whatever your imagination is. So, there is no need to stress the outlook of your website. Because WordPress can manage your website’s functionality and look the way you want. 

These are some of the purposes of using WordPress, and I hope it helps you to find what you are looking for. If you liked this blog, you can check more related blogs on Themeholt website.